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What was once considered one of the earliest pieces of art ever created in Germany may in fact turn out to be the world’s very first forgery, after researchers suggested that ancient markings found in the Mäanderhöhle cave were probably not made by the humans to which they were previously attributed.

Researchers recently made a discovery that ancient markings in the Mäanderhöhle are not man made as previously assumed. The markings have been deemed to be amongst the earliest pieces of art ever created. Well, researchers have called it the world’s very first forgery. The markings were examined by Julia Blumenröther. She was carrying out her Master’s thesis at the Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany when she made this discovery: that the ancient markings were results of natural causes. The markings were discovered in 2005 and researchers concluded that the lines that are assumed to be between 14000-16000 years old are manmade and could be showing objects related to fertility. A contradiction to Blumenröther’s discovery. Together with her partner Andreas Pastoors, Blumenröther have challenged the theory that the markings showing a man, woman and phallus were created by ancient man. According Pastoors, if the markings are indeed man made then similar markings would have been found in the cave or in another location which is not the case.

Blumenröther further did more research on the lines. Using microscopy and structured light 3D scans, she created digital reconstructions of the 138 lines. She then compared the lines to other famous cave arts and prehistoric lines created using sharp tools that the ancient man might have used. She finally concluded that it’s unlikely the lines were drawn by the ancient man. The cross section of the lines was found to contradict the hypothesis made after the 2005 discovery. Also the lines cannot be identified with any Stone Age motif.

This can be a disappointment to art lovers who have believed the lines were ancient drawings made my man. The world is full of discovered and undiscovered cave arts with the oldest cave art known to man being the El Castillo Cave found in Cantabria in Spain. 

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