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Cody Cartier

The "Boss"

Cody is a native of Tampa Bay, Florida and lets it be known on a daily basis. Each day he is wearing some kind of Tampa Bay sports apparel, mainly that of the Buccaneers. He is a season ticket holder and hopes to one day see them make it back to the Super bowl. He started as our resident photographer, but has found that his talent lies in writing.

Meg Wong


One of the hardest working individuals, Meg sets the bar high when it comes to work ethic and being a great teammate. She learned these values at a young age while she was the captain of her high school volleyball team. Leading her team to 3 state championships and coming away victorious twice. You can still see the leader in her through everything she does for us here.

Charlie Rodriguez


Charlie is one of the most talented individuals we have here. Receiving his degree in International Relations from George Washington University, Charlie has been a vital team member when it comes to stories from the international realm. His thoroughness and in-depth analysis is what makes our reader coming back for more.