Elvis Presley’s “Spinout” Hits The Theaters - 11/23/1966

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Exactly on this day in 1966, the king of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley's 22nd film, a rock "n" roll musical film titled "Spinout" featuring Elvis himself as a singing race driver, hits theaters all over the U.S. The film was ranked the year's 57th highest-earning film. In August 2004, "Spinout" became available on DVD.

Elvis acted as Mike McCoy the lead vocalist of a touring rock band and an auto race driver in the movie. After spending part of the week in Southern California, McCoy decides to go for an evening spin in his Cobra racer and was outrun into a ditch by one of his craziest fans Cynthia Foxhugh (played by Shelley Fabares, who featured in "The Donna Reed Show" and later played a major part in the sitcom "Mentor"). In the film, Cynthia is the daughter of a local car dealer Howard Foxhugh. 

Throughout the movie, Cynthia attempt to win McCoy's heart, but she has a rival; Diana St. Clair an intelligent lady (played by on-screen character Diane McBain), who recently finished a book called "The Perfect American Male," and Les (played by Deborah Walley), while the drummer in McCoy's band, are competing for the smooth vocalist/racer's affections. 

In addition, Cynthia's dad is compelling McCoy to drive his elegant new "Fox Fire" car to victory in the forthcoming race. At last, McCoy figures out how to match each of his admirers up with another person, while he remains an upbeat lone wolf, allowed to take off again looking for affection.

Most of Presley's movies did not make a hit because of their scripts or their acting however, many people believed that Spinout was far better than average; the songs were appealing, and the racing scenes were interesting and exciting to watch. Critics who condemn some of his works really appreciated the film. One of the critics commented, "Surprising for an Elvis comedy," while another one said, "this movie is really entertaining. Intentionally!" 

The film is not harmful in anyway," said another critic. On the other hand, the movie was added to The Fifty Worst Films of All Time suggesting that not everyone shares this perspective.

Spinout was shot at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles and the Ascot Motor Car Racing Ground, a notable dirt track close by. Apart from the main cast, another two hundred additional screen extras played parts in the road race scene. 

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