President Johnson Reveals His Soft Side Towards His Three Girls – 12/9/1967

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Today in 1967, President Lyndon Johnson and his wife Lady Bird did an interview, which was broadcasted on CBS network, and spoke exclusively about their daughters among many other subjects. On that same day, one of their daughters Lynda Johnson was married at the White House.

During the interview, which was recorded on December 8, President Johnson who was generally considered as an audacious, extroverted and overconfident Texan, revealed his soft side and caring nature towards his wife Lady Bird and his two daughters Lynda and Luci. Fond of calling them "three girls" and the "best thing" in his life, Johnson confessed that the White House would feel emptier now that both girls would be married and gone. When the interviewer asked if he had a "preferred" daughter, the president responded that he had not seen any parents who had a preferred child and that he loved each child equally, though he realized that they each have there own unique abilities that differentiates from the other.

He shed more light on their individual characters explaining that Lynda (her first daughter) was aspiring, serious and intelligent, Luci on the other hand was creative, "exceptionally gay and not worried with being Phi Beta Kappa or topping the class or making the honor society," he said. He likened Luci to his mom who was "one of my exceptionally extraordinary preferred choices… she was creative, artistic and loves nature." Lynda, he said, can be compared to his wife who is conservative, careful and business-driven.

In addition, when Johnson asked to give an evaluation of his to be future son-in-law, Charles Chuck Robb, he replied that he admired how the young chap skillfully answered questions at a press conference about a week ago concerning his marriage to the president daughter and admitted that he like him very much. When asked about his opinion concerning Robb, who is a Marine captain and would soon be heading off to war in Vietnam shortly after the wedding, Johnson responded that he appreciate the patriotism when any young man willingly decides to give his life to serve the country. Realizing that Johnson did not talk about the topic in detail, the interviewer changed the subject.

On December 9, Johnson gave out his daughter's hand in a private ceremony held in the White House East Room. Serving is term in the Vietnam War, Chuck Robb returned home safely in 1972 and became the governor of Virginia from 1982-1986 and was later elected as a senator in 1989. In 2004, he was elected by President George Bush to chair the Iraq Intelligence Commission created to investigate intelligence failures that resulted in the Iraq war. His wife Lynda Johnson Robb is a contributing editor for Ladies Home Journal and a strong supporter of literacy programs for children.

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